Gold Rings

A day I remember oh so well, that day, June 17th, it was great
That day, a special day, the day that my life was changed in 1978

I waited on this special day, a wait that seemed so very, very wrong
The day went on and on, I remember thinking that day was extra, extra long

Then I marched down an aisle, I stood there still lost in my life
Then out the door you came, you were so beautiful and soon to be my wife

I, as everyone there was taken by the beautiful woman coming down the stairs
I heard or seen nothing after you appeared, all that I could do was stare

I watched as you came towards me, your beauty I had seen before
You were amazing, so pure, so beautiful, that day you were so much more

I had never seen anything so beautiful in all my living days
To see you, more beautiful than ever before, I was simply amazed

The Preacher was leading us in saying our vows
The words came from me to you, but looking back I have to wonder how

I was so lost in your beauty, lips of red, perfume so sweet blowing in a summer breeze
It was all I could do to look at you and not fall to my knees

I do believe in God and I pray you know that is true
That day my prayers were answered, that day I married you

I have never since that day stood lost in my life
Because God gave guidance to me, you, my beautiful wife